Create a New Project

The easiest way to get started is to use the create-fusion-app package to scaffold a new Fusion.js project locally.

First, ensure you have the Yarn package manager installed on your machine. Then, run the following command:

$ yarn create fusion-app my-fusion-app

The last argument provided will be used as the application name and for generating a project within your current working directory.

If you prefer to use npm, you can use the following command instead:

$ npx create-fusion-app my-fusion-app

Keep in mind however that Fusion.js assumes you are using yarn throughout development and production workflows, not npm.

For an overview of what the scaffold contains and how to use it, view the documentation for create-fusion-app.

Creating a new project from scratch

While the scaffold is the recommended way to quickly bootstrap an application, setting up a new project from scratch is a great way to learn how the framework works. The core packages required are:

  • fusion-core
  • fusion-cli
  • fusion-tokens

If you are using React (recommended), also install:

  • fusion-react
  • react
  • react-dom

Use the following command to install all of this:

$ yarn add fusion-core fusion-react fusion-cli fusion-tokens react react-dom

Before embarking on this effort, check out the Learning Fusion.js Tutorial. It is a guided walkthrough that specifically covers this usage case and walks through the thought process behind building a Fusion.js application.