Environment variables

The NODE_ENV environment variable is inferred by the compiler from the initiating Fusion CLI command and flags. It cannot be manually configured.

Fusion.js can also receive some start-up configuration through a few environment variables:

  • ROUTE_PREFIX - A path under which the application responds. For example, if ROUTE_PREFIX=/foo, the app will live in Defaults to empty string.
  • FRAMEWORK_STATIC_ASSET_PATH - A path under which requests are treated as static asset requests. Defaults to _static.
  • ROOT_DIR - The root directory of the app, relative to CWD. Can be configured via the --dir flag in Fusion CLI. Defaults to .

Static configuration

The standard way to configure plugins in Fusion.js is to register the configuration values into the DI system via app.register. To support configuration tree shaking, we recommended keeping configuration in .js files rather than .json files.

If you have to add a new plugin to app.js, you should still separate configuration into an appropriate file in src/config in order to keep configuration code discoverable for future project maintainers.